First Steps to Becoming a Provider

Find information about obtaining a National Provider Identifier and becoming a Medicare provider, along with an overview to the private insurance credentialing process.

  • Your Nutrition Services Payment Specialist

    Nutrition Services Payment Specialists are Academy members who serve as volunteer leaders in their state Affiliate or Dietetic Practice Group (DPG) as a resource for questions about payment, coverage, coding and reimbursement for nutrition services.

  • Join the Payment & Reimbursement Discussion Board

    The Reimbursement Discussion Board is an interactive portal that offers Academy members a space to network and share ideas, and practice management tips related to coverage and reimbursement for MNT services.

  • Introduction to Private Insurance Credentialing

    Credentialing is a term used by payers to enroll practitioners in the respective networks. When you are credentialed with a payer, you also agree to the payer's contract terms. Contractual procedures for hospital-based services differ as some facilities include RDN outpatient services in their overall contracts.

  • CAM and Credentialing Programs for Nutrition Services

    The Academy is aware of occasional solicitations to RDNs in which practitioners are asked to join a local Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) network. The following information provides some background information and questions for RDNs to consider regarding whether to participate in CAM networks.