Services, Fees and Management Resources

  • Setting Fees

    Many factors should be considered when setting fees, including fixed expenses, variable costs, the number of services hours and the local market.

  • Factors to Consider When Selecting a Professional Billing Service

    Professional billers submit claims to Medicare and private insurance companies on behalf of their clients. While many larger billing companies focus on just claims processing activities, smaller firms may help RDNs complete credentialing applications to become a network provider with private insurance companies.

  • Join the Payment & Reimbursement Discussion Board

    The Reimbursement Discussion Board is an interactive portal that offers Academy members a space to network and share ideas, and practice management tips related to coverage and reimbursement for MNT services.

  • Diabetes and Renal Disease Resources

    The Academy provides members with additional tools to increase access to diabetes and renal disease services. View this list of resources and MNT services referral forms.

  • Items to Consider when Establishing an RDN/MD Partnership

    When contemplating entering into an arrangement with a doctor, a registered dietitian nutritionist should know about the laws and coding issues involved, including: fee splitting, charging for services, and private insurance contracts.

  • Tips for Reducing Audit Anxiety

    Making sure you have systems in place for each step of the Medicare benefit, as well as conducting peer-review self-audits, will reduce the anxiety of external audits and enhance the quality MNT services you provide.