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Food and nutrition security remains a relevant issue globally, impacting nutritional status and other health outcomes. Nutrition and dietetics practitioners play an important role in the identification and treatment of food and nutrition insecurity and are well-positioned to advance research that supports food and nutrition security solutions.

To address this important issue, the Academy convened a Global Food and Nutrition Security Research Task Force that hosted a virtual roundtable to leverage existing information and expertise in this area and identify the need for future evidence. This two-day event included discussions on research gaps, potential entry points for nutrition and dietetics practitioners, and important equity considerations in food and nutrition security research.

The identified research gaps included the need for standardized terminology for consistent data collection; validated screening and assessment tools, including for diet quality, which can be used across settings; additional translational and implementation science research; multisectoral and multi-pronged approaches; interdisciplinary collaboration with community partners; incorporation of research into policy development; and additional evidence on food systems approaches to target food and nutrition security.

Additionally, five examples from various countries were used to describe food and nutrition security issues globally and how nutrition and dietetics practitioners can support research in those areas. This proceedings paper can inform a research agenda and be leveraged by the larger scientific community to drive future funding and research opportunities on this topic.

Read the “Advancing Nutrition and Dietetics Research in Global Food and Nutrition Security: A Roundtable Proceedings Report” published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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