Academy Provides FDA with Input on Potassium Chloride in Food Labeling

12/18/2020 - In comments submitted in September 2019 to the United States Food and Drug Administration, the Academy shared its support in using the name “potassium salt” in the ingredient statement as an alternative to the name "potassium chloride".

In the letter, the Academy noted that "potassium salt" would be recognized as a common or usual name to at least the same degree as "potassium chloride salt" and be more accepted by consumers and manufacturers, facilitating sodium reductions in processed foods and improving public health. The Academy urged the FDA to permit manufacturers to use the name "potassium salt" as a common or usual name for "potassium chloride."

On December 17, 2020 the FDA issued guidance allowing manufacturers to use "the name 'potassium salt' in the ingredient statement on food labels as an alternative to 'potassium chloride' to better inform consumers that it is a salt substitute."

Read the Academy's comments.