Transformative Farm Bill: Academy Joins More Than 150 Organizations in Advocating to the White House and Congress

09/13/2022 - The Academy on September 13 joined more than 150 organizations that share an interest in a stronger, more equitable farm and food system in sending President Biden a letter asking him to call on Congress to pass a stronger 2023 Farm Bill to help those in need.

In recent years, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted the U.S. food and farming system. The nation's acknowledgement of continued racial and ethnic health disparities and recent inflation have also put a spotlight on inequities in the food and farm system that underrepresented communities in particular face every day. The Academy believes a transformative Farm Bill should build on the momentum and robust investments included in the Inflation Reduction Act, and other actions taken by the Biden administration.

Congress reauthorizes the Farm Bill every five years. However, the Academy believes the country cannot afford to wait for meaningful and action-oriented change to reduce economic inequality, improve racial equity, end hunger, confront the climate crisis, improve nutrition and food safety and protect and support farmers, workers and communities.

The letter outlines seven crucial values that Academy and the other organizations believe the 2023 Farm Bill needs to address and reflects the legislation’s wide-reaching impact:

  • Center Racial Equity
  • Increase Access to Healthy Food
  • End Hunger
  • Ensure the Safety of Our Food Supply
  • Address Climate Change
  • Protect Farmers and Consumers
  • Ensure Safety and Dignity for Food and Farm Workers

To learn more about the Academy's Farm Bill priorities, join the Nutrition Security affinity group.