Academy Applauds United States' $10 Billion Commitment to Food Security and Sustainable Food Systems

09/27/2021 - The United States will invest $10 billion for food security initiatives, with half the funds being used for domestic efforts and half supporting international efforts. As shared in a statement from the White House, $5 billion will be invested in the U.S. to strengthen food systems, support the expansion of climate smart agriculture and forestry. On a global scale, $5 billion over the span of five years has been committed to support and expand the U.S. Feed the Future initiative that addresses global hunger and food security.

The Academy commends this effort, which was announced during the convening of the United Nations Food Systems Summit. This investment of $10 billion in food security efforts aligns with the Academy's policy and advocacy efforts, working to achieve the vision of "a world where all people thrive through the transformative power of food and nutrition."