Spotlight on the 2021 Contest Winner: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day

Jasmine El Nabli, MS, RDN

03/10/2021 - This year's theme for National Nutrition Month® 2021 is Personalize Your Plate. In celebration of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day on March 10, we asked members to respond to the following question:

In what ways do you help people customize their food choices to be as unique as they are?

The Academy received 94 thoughtful responses that confirm and support the value of RDNs' services. The winner of the 2021 Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day contest is Jasmine El Nabli, MS, RDN, of Laguna Beach, Calif. Here is her response:

Our nutrition is just as unique as we are. As a registered dietitian, I always get asked, what is the perfect diet? And my answer is always the same. The perfect diet is one that is sustainable, nourishing, promotes health and longevity and is individualized to you. I personalize nutrition and food choices by prioritizing individual lifestyle, personal preference and cultural identity, all while creating a safe space that fosters active communication and reflective listening. The truth is, there are nutrient-dense foods in every culture's cuisine. The challenge for many is discovering the healthy choices that are possible for them; the choices that make them unique. What I do is help people find healthier alternatives, to learn better cooking methods and understand what comprises a balanced diet. Through the combination of a whole-body approach and scientific research, I empower and educate individuals on how to implement small changes in their daily life that, in turn, lead to sustainable and lifelong healthy habits.

El Nabli was featured on an electronic banner that appeared over New York City's Times Square on Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day.

El Nabli is the corporate health and wellness director of Parentis Health, a multidisciplinary and progressive health care company. She educates residents, patients, employees and community members about disease prevention through good nutrition and healthful living.

"The importance of personalized nutrition reminded me of my own and many others' unique health and wellness journey," El Nabli says. "The message that 'we are all unique with different bodies, goals, backgrounds and tastes' is an important reminder that our journeys are diverse and there is no quick solution."

Thank you to Jasmine El Nabli and to all registered dietitian nutritionists for all you do to help improve the nutritional health of Americans and people around the world.