Diversity and Inclusion Committee Update: Consultation and Collaboration

12/18/2020 - The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been in consultation and collaboration with numerous Academy groups and organizational units to embed diversity and inclusion throughout the Academy — encouraging them to view projects such as webinars, videos, pamphlets and educational sessions through a diversity and inclusion lens. The holistic implementation of diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the organization will be codified by the creation of a D&I Action Plan containing wide-ranging goals, anticipated outcomes and time estimates.

To that end, the diversity and inclusion firm The Exeter Group has submitted a report identifying, analyzing and prioritizing recurring themes from listening sessions and conducted an in-depth analysis of all communications concerning diversity and inclusion received by the Academy since May, including letters, e-mails, and social media posts. The report provides broad, overarching recommendations to address concerns and insights shared by session participants and other channels. The D&I Committee is reviewing the report and referencing it to develop the D&I Action Plan.

Additionally, a D&I Advisory Group, comprised of 25 individuals encompassing broad representation of Academy groups and organizational units, has been appointed to review and provide input to the D&I Committee regarding the draft action plan. This group will begin reviewing resources and material to assist them in providing input that comprehensively benefits both the Academy and the organizational units they collectively represent. The draft action plan is on track to be finalized by the D&I Committee and presented to the Academy's Board of Directors in early 2021.

The D&I Committee's goal is to create a document that drives actions to increase diversity and inclusion within the Academy and the nutrition and dietetics profession. The breadth and depth of information provided by stakeholders will inspire an action plan that is well-considered and thoughtful. The end result will not be a "box checked off" in response to a present need, but a living document with ongoing updates to keep the movement intrinsic, adaptable and sustainable long into the future.

- Academy Diversity and Inclusion Committee