Diversity and Inclusion Committee Update: Ongoing Work and Grant Assistance

12/18/2020 - The Diversity and Inclusion Committee thanks all Academy members and external stakeholders for the valuable insights they have provided to assist the committee in drafting broad, encompassing action steps to galvanize diversity and inclusion initiatives within the Academy and the profession. Once the action steps have been approved by the committee, they will be sent to the D&I Advisory Group, comprised of representatives from Academy groups and organizational units, for reactions and input.

The committee is also assisting D&I Liaisons (who represent Academy DPGs, MIGs and state affiliates) to compile effective diversity and inclusion mini-grant applications to help fund outreach events that attract individuals from underrepresented communities to the profession. A webinar scheduled for Friday, January 15, 2021, will be presented with the participation of experts in grant writing to support those wishing to apply for a mini-grant by the deadline (March 1, 2021).

Since its last update, the committee has met with leaders from the House of Delegates, the Committee for Lifelong Learning and the Council on Research as those groups continue to fuse diversity and inclusion considerations into their programs and infrastructure. Additionally, the committee met with the 2019-2021 D&I Leadership cohort to offer resources and provide encouragement for their two-year capstone projects in the area of diversity and inclusion, with the intent of ensuring their visibility once they are complete. The committee is encouraged by the increased promotion of diversity and inclusion on a holistic scale by the Academy's organizational units and welcomes any opportunity to foster dialogue and growth.