Diversity and Inclusion Committee Update: Listening Sessions Completed

10/01/2020 – Ten diversity and inclusion-focused listening sessions were completed on September 30, which included up to 25 participants per session. The facilitator of these sessions, The Exeter Group, will analyze the input from the sessions, along with a qualitative review of compiled email, letters, Member Engagement Zone responses and social media posts the Academy has received regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Exeter Group will provide the D&I Committee with recommendations in mid-November and the committee will transform these recommendations into an action plan with broad, overarching goals to address D&I in the nutrition and dietetics profession. A D&I Advisory Group, comprised of a multifaceted group of representatives from organizational units and external stakeholders, will also be formed in mid-November and be tasked with reviewing and providing input to the draft action plan.

The draft action plan will be finalized by the D&I Committee and presented to the Academy Board of Directors in the third quarter of fiscal year 2021 (2020-2021). Once approved, the action plan’s broad, overarching goals will be detailed, with input from appropriate Academy organizational units, to include tactics and metrics. The final plan, with tactics and metrics, is anticipated in time for resources to be included in the fiscal year 2022 (2021-2022) budget.

- Academy Diversity and Inclusion Committee