Diversity and Inclusion Committee Update: Goals and Grants

02/01/2021 - The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has drafted overarching goals for a D&I action plan that is based on qualitatively analyzed member and external stakeholder feedback. These goals are being passed to the D&I Advisory Group, comprised of representatives from Academy groups and organizational units, for reactions and feedback. The advisory group held its first orientation meeting in early January to establish a shared vocabulary and understanding for this important work.

After the advisory group provides its input on the goals, the D&I Committee will finalize and send them to the Academy's Board of Directors for approval and subsequent implementation.

Concurrently, the D&I Committee is soliciting applications for D&I awards and grants, including D&I Mini-Grants, the D&I Action Award and the D&I Leaders Program. Applications will be accepted through March 1. On January 15, D&I liaisons and Academy group chairs were invited to participate in a webinar focused on grant writing techniques to assist them in compiling their mini-grant applications, as well as other grant opportunities they may encounter in their quests for D&I outreach and event funding.

As an example of organizational units working together to view the work of the profession through a D&I lens, the House of Delegates has invited the D&I Committee, leaders and liaisons to audit the HOD's February virtual meeting. The meeting will focus on strategies to sensitively and successfully translate dietary guidance across all populations; this is an inclusive effort to which the D&I Committee and its partners are privileged to lend our voices.

- Academy Diversity and Inclusion Committee