Dietetics in Action

  • Canada Unveils New Food Guide

    01/24/2019 - Canada's new Food Guide launched January 21, 2019, taking a modern approach to communicating dietary guidance to consumers, health professionals and policy makers.

  • Global Malnutrition

    08/22/2018 - The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and its Foundation, are opening new opportunities for collaboration between Academy members and communities worldwide with its global malnutrition projects.

  • Pediatric Malnutrition

    08/21/2018 - While the current prevalence of U.S. children who experience acute or chronic undernutrition is unknown, the impact of malnutrition on outcomes is evident.

  • How to Make the Most of Volunteering Your Services

    04/01/2016 - At first glance, volunteerism seems pretty straightforward: you donate your nutrition expertise and skills to causes that make the world a better place. You do it because giving back to your community is the right thing to do.

  • 4 Tips to Help Your Clients Fuel Up for Winter Activities

    01/26/2016 - Winter has arrived, and while many people look forward to the cold weather for skiing and other outdoor activities, others head indoors until spring, cutting down on their opportunities for the exercise they need.

  • Restaurant Rock Stars

    11/06/2015 - In an effort to help bridge what many feel is a gap between nutrition and food, more registered dietitian nutritionists are headed back to the kitchen — even culinary school — in hopes of starting a food blog, writing a cookbook or teaching healthy cooking classes in their communities.

  • Nutrition for Inmates

    10/01/2015 - The Federal Bureau of Prisons manages approximately 207,000 inmates across 122 institutions and will serve an estimated 227 million meals during the year. That's a lot of individuals to feed, and nutritional management of the prison population isn't taken lightly.

  • The Ramadan Fast

    06/19/2015 - Over the past several decades North America has seen an increase in ethnic and religious diversity. With this growth comes the need to consider the unique dietary and nutritional needs of various populations. For instance, many Muslims observe specific ethnic food practices, especially during the month of Ramadan.