NDEP Committees and Task Forces

If you would like to join one of NDEP's committees or task forces, please contact NDEP Vice Chair Susan Helm.

Committee Names and Descriptions

  • Computer Match Committee: Reviews, updated and disseminates DICAS application process and computer matching responsibilities for applicants, DI Directors and DPD Directors.  Assures that computer matching policies for applicants and program directors are updated.  
  • Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Committee: Leads efforts for Inter-­Professional Education/ Inter-­professional Practice by sharing IPE/IPP practices in NDEP or DPG newsletters and at FNCE®, promotes the role of dietetic educators in IPE and support their local efforts and submits relevant articles for NDEP-­line and the educator section of JAND. 
  • Issues Management Committee: receives issues or questions from the NDEP membership and works within the Academy and its organizational units to resolve the issue.
  • Membership Committee: Assists with recruitment by developing brochures and communication tools and shares information with dietetics educators, preceptors, and department chairs about the benefits of NDEP membership.
  • Preceptor Committee: Leads initiatives to encourage practitioners to become active preceptors and connect them to accredited supervised practice programs; collaborates with Academy staff on preceptor initiatives; promote use and accessibility of the Find-a-Preceptor Database by program directors and applicants; develops promotional materials to share with Administrators describing the benefits of working with students and interns; and leads efforts in organizing and selecting yearly Outstanding Preceptor Award winners. 
  • Professional Development Committee: Identifies career and professional growth opportunities for educators and preceptors; supports educators and preceptors while seeking advanced practice certifications and moving up the career ladder; coordinates activities for educators and preceptors at affiliate, NDEP meetings and FNCE®; provide at least four free webinars per year targeted at educators and preceptors; and facilitates access to venues for faculty presentations, research forums and related opportunities.
  • Program Mentoring Committee:  Individualized mentoring will be offered to new Program Directors or those whose accreditation status is at risk. Mentors will be solicited by the Vice Chair in response to the needs for mentors based on the identification of new or at-­‐risk programs.
  • Resource Portal Committee: Collects case studies, rubrics, best practices from educators; provide to Academy staff to upload on portal. Increases resource availability for all NDEP members.
  • Simulations Committee: Collects information on simulations and best practices by educators; post on the portal or in the NDEP newsletter.  Plans relevant articles to be submitted in NDEP section of JAND.

Task Forces

  • NDEP Website Task Force
  • DSPP Applications Task Force
  • FEM Evaluation Task Force