Member Interest Groups

Member Interest Groups are groups of Academy members who have a common interest. Unlike dietetic practice groups or affiliates, member interest groups focus on areas other than the practice of dietetics or geographic location. As divisions of the national organization, MIGs reflect the many characteristics of the Academy's membership and the public it serves.

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Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI)
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders MIG empowers members to be the leaders in cultural evidence-based practices in nutrition and dietetics for people of Asian or Pacific Islander origin or those interested in learning more about these cultures. The community fosters networking, mentoring and support for the professional issues unique to these cultural communities. Former MIGs, FADAN (Filipino) and CADN (Chinese), are supported by AAPI as well as other Asian communities.

Cultures of Gender and Age (COGA)
Cultures of Gender and Age MIG focuses on providing programming, education, collaboration and networking within three primary sub communities: Fifty Plus, Men and Thirty and Under. COGA provides a collective voice within the Academy for young practitioners, seasoned members and men in the profession.

Global MIG (GMIG)
The Global MIG provides valuable resources and support for members interested in and working in developing nations whose nutritional status is highly intertwined with issues of poverty, sanitation, unclean water, agriculture and cultural norms and whose financial and professional resources are limited.

Indians in Nutrition and Dietetics (IND)
Indians in Nutrition and Dietetics MIG brings together practitioners of Asian Indian origin or those interested in learning more about this culture. IND MIG is a connected and collaborative community offering networking, quality education, professional and leadership development.

Latinos and Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition (LAHIDAN)
Latinos and Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition MIG fosters the development and improvement of food, nutrition and health care for Latinos and their families in U.S. and related territories with outreach to Hispanic/Latino and all other Academy members. LAHIDAN connects members with opportunities for networking, mentoring and leadership development, quality education and advocacy.

National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition (NOBIDAN)
The National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition MIG offers members valuable opportunities for networking, education, mentorship and leadership development and advocacy. NOBIDAN provides a forum for professional development and support of dietetic, optimal nutrition and well-being for the general public, particularly those of African descent.

Religion MIG (RMIG)
The Religion Member Interest Group offers a community for Academy members from various practice areas with an interest in cross-cultural awareness and reducing health disparities, specifically as they relate to the Christian, Jewish and Muslim population. RMIG supports professionally diverse members who work with religious communities or patients who are personally faith based, or members who otherwise have an interest in increasing cultural competency skills.

  • 10 Ways DPGs and MIGs can Participate in Public Policy

    Public policy is a mechanism through which members’ voices are heard and include grassroots networks, political action, legislative and regulatory involvement and survey participation. All Academy groups must maintain a consistent message on public policy issues.