Dietetic Practice Groups

Dietetic Practice Groups are professional-interest groups, made up of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members, who wish to connect with other members within their areas of interest and/or practice. Specialized practice groups enable members to improve their job performance, gain insight into specialized areas of food and nutrition and network with colleagues.

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Academy DPGs

Behavioral Health Nutrition DPG
Behavioral Health Nutrition dietetic practice group's mission is to empower members to be the food and nutrition experts in the areas of eating disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, addictions and mental illness.

Cardiovascular Health and Well-being DPG
The Cardiovascular Health and Well-being dietetic practice group equips members to be the nutrition experts in promoting cardiovascular health (prevention and treatment), well-being, and physical activity.CV-Well will provide in-depth content in cardiovascular nutrition and well-being so members can optimize their work in diverse health arenas such as clinical settings, corporate well-being, community nutrition, private practice, research, education and government.

Clinical Nutrition Management DPG
Clinical Nutrition Management dietetic practice group members are managers of clinical nutrition programs across the health care continuum. They are responsible for developing and implementing nutrition programs that keep pace with the changing health care environment and conform to the cost limitations of managed care. (Subunits: Food and Nutrition Informatics, Quality and Process Improvement, Pediatric Management)

Diabetes DPG
The Diabetes dietetic practice group promotes quality diabetes care and education for people with diabetes and their families and for those at risk for developing diabetes. The Diabetes DPG mission is to optimize the prevention and management of diabetes through person-centered care, including nutrition and collaborative partnerships.

Dietetics in Health Care Communities DPG
Practitioners typically employed under contract who provide nutrition consultation to acute and long-term-care facilities, correctional facilities, home care companies, healthcare agencies and foodservice industry. (Subunits: Corrections, Dietetic Technicians)

Dietitians in Business and Communications DPG
Dietitians in Business and Communications dietetic practice group are food and nutrition professionals who are working for or consulting with local or global corporations, businesses, or organizations in the food, nutrition communications, public relations, and healthcare industries, or who are self-employed or business owners.

Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine DPG
Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine is a specialty practice group of nutrition professionals that promotes the integration of conventional nutrition practices with evidence-based alternatives through education, research and practice.

Dietitians in Medical Nutrition Therapy DPG
Medical Nutrition Practice dietetic practice group members are recognized leaders who provide exemplary nutrition care to the public. (Subunits: Cystic Fibrosis Nutrition, Dietitians in Gluten and Gastrointestinal Disorders, Dietitians in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Infectious Diseases Nutrition)

Dietitians in Nutrition Support DPG
Dietitians in Nutrition Support dietetic practice group members are nutrition professionals who integrate the science and practice of enteral and parenteral nutrition in order to provide appropriate nutrition support therapy to individuals encompassing adults, pediatrics, inpatients, outpatients, home care and transplantation.

Food and Culinary Professionals DPG
Food and Culinary Professionals members are culinary educators, food writers, cookbook authors, chefs, marketing professionals, PR executives, food scientists and media reporters. Its mission is to develop food expertise throughout the profession of dietetics and to serve as the nation's food, culinary and nutrition leaders. (Subunits: Agriculture, Food Safety, Restaurant and Hospitality, Supermarket/Retail)

Healthy Aging DPG
Healthy Aging dietetic practice group members are employed in community nutrition programs, government agencies, assisted living settings, university settings, hospitals and health care facilities, and private practice.

Hunger and Environmental Nutrition DPG
The Hunger and Environmental Nutrition dietetic practice group connects nutrition experts in food and water security, health, agriculture, and the environment to foster thriving sustainable and accessible food and water systems.

Management in Food and Nutrition Systems DPG
Management in Food and Nutrition Systems dietetic practice group members work in advanced level positions of management and leadership, employed in areas including health care and food service.

Nutrition Education for the Public DPG
Nutrition Education for the Public dietetic practice group members include dietitians and dietetic technicians who work in everything from cooperative extension and public health to clinical dietetics, communications and private practice.

Nutrition Educators of Health Professionals DPG
Nutrition Educators of Health Professionals dietetic practice group is a dynamic network of professionals providing nutrition education for medical, dental, nursing and other allied health students, residents and practitioners.

Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG
Nutrition Entrepreneurs dietetic practice group helps members achieve their professional and financial potential by providing the tools to build and maintain a successful nutrition-related business. (Subunits: Authors and Writers, Coaches, Corporate Wellness, Private Practice, Second Career Dietitian, Speakers and Media, Technology and Social Media)

Nutrition Informatics DPG
Nutrition Informatics dietetic practice group enables registered dietitian nutritionists to share knowledge and insight, learn cutting edge technology, implement and improve current processes, and collaborate in ways never possible.

Oncology Nutrition DPG
The Oncology Nutrition dietetic practice group provides dietetic professionals with resources and networking opportunities to deal with the complexities of oncology practice. (Subunits: Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Pediatric Oncology)

Pediatric Nutrition DPG
Pediatric Nutrition dietetic practice group is dedicated to promoting nutritional well-being as part of a healthy lifestyle for all infants, children and adolescents.

Public Health/Community Nutrition DPG
Public Health/Community Nutrition dietetic practice group members work in partnership with other health professionals and stakeholders to serve the public through the promotion of optimal nutrition, health and well-being.

Renal Dietitians DPG
Members of the Renal dietetic practice group provide medical nutrition therapy in dialysis facilities, clinics, hospitals, university settings and private practice.

Research DPG
Members of the Research dietetic practice group lead the future of dietetics by promoting the conduct and application of research related to food, nutrition and dietetics.

School Nutrition Services DPG
School Nutrition Services dietetic practice group members are involved in child nutrition programs at every level.

Sports and Human Performance Nutrition DPG
The Sports & Human Performance Nutrition DPG is a group of nutrition practitioners working with athletes and people at all levels of human performance to optimize holistic health for a lifetime. The DPG leverages the integration of nutrition, exercise science, and technology to set industry standards, provide continuing education, and prepare the next generation of cutting-edge professionals. SHPN will deliver content tailored for human performance in sports as well as military, tactical and performing arts, and those who are first responders.

Vegetarian Nutrition DPG
Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group members are nutrition professionals in community, clinical, education or foodservice settings who wish to learn more about plant-based diets and provide support to individuals following a vegetarian lifestyle.

Weight Management DPG
The Weight Management dietetic practice group focuses exclusively on the science and application of weight management prevention and treatment. (Subunits: Bariatrics, Pediatric Weight Management, Weight and Wellness Coaching)

Women's Health DPG
The Women's Health dietetic practice group addresses health, nutrition, and policy issues that are unique to women including preconception, prenatal, postpartum, lactation and menopause.

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