Whitney Linsenmeyer, PhD, RD, LD

Whitney LinsenmeyerSt. Louis, Mo.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Culinary Nutrition
  • Eating Disorders/Nutrition Counseling
  • Epidemiology
  • Mindful/Intuitive Eating
  • Transgender Nutrition

Linsenmeyer is a faculty member in the department of nutrition and dietetics at Saint Louis University where she teaches advanced nutrition, foundations of nutrition and clinical systems management. Her research is in nutrition-related clinical and psychosocial considerations for the transgender population. She also serves as the staff dietitian at the university's student health center where she works exclusively with eating disorder clients and mindful eating practices. Linsenmeyer launched a farm-to-table school meals program that serves federally reimbursable meals to schools in the St. Louis area. Linsenmeyer is a graduate of Saint Louis University, where she also earned a master's degree and a doctorate.