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Strategies describe how the Academy builds on our core organizational strengths in food and nutrition research; advocacy and communications; professional development; and workforce demand and capacity.


  • Advance evidence-based practice, policy and education
  • Leverage retrospective and prospective research methodology to study the impact of access and care by nutrition care providers on nutrition and health outcomes and quality of life for use in education and advocacy efforts
  • Expand and advance globally the field of food and nutrition science
  • Develop organizational positions and policy stances supported by the best available scientific evidence
  • Leverage technology and data to accelerate growth and innovation.

Advocacy and Communications

  • Make an impact on food, nutrition, and health equity policies through participation in legislative and regulatory initiatives
  • Advocate for local, state and national policies and programs that:
  • Advance global influence through effective alliances
  • Serve as a trusted resource and utilize all media outlets to educate and promote evidence-based practices and science-based resources to practitioners, the public, policy makers and all stakeholders
  • Promote infrastructure and funding for nutrition research
  • Leverage technology and data to accelerate growth and innovation.

Professional Development

  • Use the best available evidence, provide tiered, progressive education and career advancement to support practitioners’ needs
  • Engage practitioners at all levels through recognition programs, certificates of training and certifications
  • Serve as primary resource for professional experiential training opportunities for traineeships and fellowships, practitioner networking, mentoring and information sharing
  • Collaborate in developing products and services for practitioners to positively influence patient and client outcomes
  • Create interprofessional training and professional development opportunities through strategic partnerships
  • Lead global efforts in development, testing and dissemination of the Nutrition Care Process/Terminology and Nutrition Focused Physical Exam
  • Leverage technology and data to accelerate growth and innovation.

Workforce Demand and Capacity

  • Build a global nutrition collaborative to accelerate progress in improving health
  • Increase the pool of educators and practitioners, including doctorate-prepared individuals
  • Develop and advance innovative delivery models for degree and non-degree education and training
  • Increase the diversity of the nutrition and dietetics workforce and the cultural humility of all practitioners
  • Expand population and community nutrition programs and initiatives with focus on social determinants of health
  • Through expanded and varied learning opportunities, promote leadership self-efficacy and instill behavioral leadership skills at all levels of practice competence, including for students
  • Leverage technology and data to accelerate growth and innovation.

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