Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) Position Description


  • Three-year term. Multiple positions with varying representation (RDN, NDTR, Specialist Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner).

Part I: Qualifications

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist or Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered.
  • Experience in professional activities and demonstrated leadership through national and affiliate and/or district involvement.
  • Experience with other related organizations is preferred.
  • Member of the Academy preferred.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and knowledge of credentialing requirements of the profession. Experience in standard setting and fiscal management; strategic orientation.
  • One member of the Commission must be a Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered.
  • One member of the Commission must be a Board Certified Specialist in Dietetics.
  • One member of the Commission must be an Advanced Practitioner in Clinical Nutrition.

Part II: Requirements

  • Members of CDR serve a three (3) year term. The Commission will select the chair.
  • Time. The time requirement for members of the Commission on Dietetic Registration is approximately 20 days each year for meetings and travel. Time is also required for conference calls, correspondence, planning, writing reports and assignments within CDR panels and subcommittees. Employer support in advance is encouraged.

Part III: Recommended Skill Sets

The universal skill set applies to all positions on the national ballot.

Specific to CDR Representatives

  • Experience and interest in credentialing and associated issues
  • Commitment to protecting the public through setting standards
  • Knowledgeable about accreditation/credentialing requirements
  • Differentiates between organization and professional issues
  • Expertise in specialist practice areas (if a nominee for a specialist position)
  • Expertise in advanced practice clinical nutrition (if nominee for advanced practice position)

Part IV: Functions

  • Act and advocate in all appropriate ways before the public, the profession, educational entities and all levels of government to encourage and achieve the highest standards in the practice of dietetics.
  • Establish and evaluate standards, policies and procedures for the certification program, including eligibility, reinstatement, examination, and recertification.
  • Establish fees and provide for responsible fiscal planning and control for the administration of the certification program.
  • Establish policies and guidelines for CDR Appeals Panel.
  • Appoints committees and consultants to assist the Commission in meeting its program of work, goals, and objectives.
  • Establish, administer, and enforce the code of ethics for credentialed practitioners.
  • Contract with state licensure boards and other entities for certification collaboration.
  • Works with other Commission members to learn role and responsibilities of office and ensure continuity.
  • Commitment to team decision-making and accomplishment of the Commission's strategic and operating plans.
  • Objectivity in advising, counseling and working with the Commission; skills in consensus building.
  • Encourages and promotes diversity.

Updated June 2015