Universal Qualifications and Skill Sets

Interested in nominating a colleague (or yourself) for an Academy leadership position? Learn about the criteria for each position. Some qualifications and skill sets are consistent regardless of position, while other criteria vary with the position.

Universal Qualifications and Skills

The following skill sets and attributes apply to all positions on the national ballot. Employer support is required of some positions but is recommended for all positions.


  • Demonstrates diplomacy in bringing opposing views to agreement
  • Demonstrates organizational and management skills
  • Embraces and manages change to advance the Academy
  • Empowers others
  • Prioritizes issues consistent with the Academy's strategic plan
  • Is results-oriented
  • Understands general principles of not-for-profit fiscal management


  • Fosters an atmosphere of creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity
  • Maintains objectivity
  • Is organized
  • Positively promotes the Academy and the profession
  • Thinks strategically
  • Dedicated and committed to the Academy's mission and vision
  • Demonstrates integrity


  • Exhibits strong networking and relationship building skills
  • Operates as a team player
  • Demonstrates strong and effective communication skills
  • Encourages and promotes inclusion, diversity, equity and access
  • Motivates others

Position Descriptions

Qualifications necessary for all Academy leadership positions are reviewed and updated regularly with input from past officers. These detailed descriptions include the terms, qualifications, requirements, recommended skill sets and duties for each leadership position. Please note, positions available on ballot vary each year.