Visioning Process

The Council on Future Practice utilizes its visioning process to help define a preferred future for the profession of nutrition and dietetics. All Academy organizational units and members play a vital role in helping to shape the future by providing input into the priority areas, change drivers and trends identified by the Council. Academy members and credentialed dietetics practitioners are invited to provide their input into the Council on Future Practice's Visioning Process:

Change Driver Briefs

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Council on Future Practice has created a series of briefs describing change drivers that will affect the future of the profession. These briefs are intended to familiarize readers with this specific change driver and its implications for the profession, so that readers can share this knowledge with their organizations. Below is the first brief of the series.

Navigating Future Practice Technology

Image of Navigating Future of Practice Brief Technology can help registered dietitian nutritionists and nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered be leaders in a more connected future, both locally and globally. This brief describes technological developments and trends that may impact future nutrition practice, as well as implications for how credentialed nutrition and dietetics practitioners will thrive in a new technological landscape.

In this brief, technology is defined broadly to include both hardware and software, the systems that connect them, the data that populate them, and the ways people develop and apply these tools to meet the needs of end-users. Across the profession, all practitioners are affected by technological advancements that are changing the very nature of food systems, the ways people live and work, and the ways people provide and access food, nutrition information, and healthcare. RDNs and NDTRs can bring nutrition expertise to the development of new tools, ensuring that technologies enhance rather than detract from human nutrition and health equity.

Navigating Future Practice: VUCA

Image of Navigating Future of Practice Brief The concept of VUCA describes environments characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. This increasingly relevant term was coined by the United States military, and the concept is widely used within business, education and other sectors to promote resilient, adaptable leadership in a changing world. The realities of a VUCA world have many implications for future dietetics practice, and understanding them will prepare registered dietitian nutritionists and nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered to thrive in practice.

Resources and Past Visioning Reports