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About Nominating National Leaders

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is dedicated to providing its members with opportunities to develop as leaders. If you or someone who you know is ready to lead, submit a nomination for a position serving the Academy, its members and professional community.

The Nominating Committee is a diverse group of active members with a variety of interests and practice areas. The process of selecting candidates is detailed and deliberate—from reaching out to solicit nominees, fine tuning nomination forms, crafting interview questions and making final selections from a pool of very qualified individuals.

To protect the integrity of the nominating process, committee members must maintain total confidentiality and objectivity throughout the nominating process. Whether a nominee is self-nominated, nominated by another member or by an Academy group such as a DPG, MIG or affiliate, all nominees are given equal consideration.

Members are encouraged to email questions about the Nominating Committee or nominations and elections, as well as participate in national elections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nominations are accepted year-round through email or by submitting names through the Academy's volunteer form. Each summer, the Academy announces the call for nominations for national Academy positions through the Journal, Eat Right Weekly, email, publications and through social media.

There are several leadership positions available on the Academy national ballot each year, including President-elect, Treasurer-elect, Board of Directors Director, Speaker-elect, House of Delegates Director-at-Large and Nominating Committee. Several additional leadership positions are available on the ballot and rotate annually based on the needs of the organizational unit.

There are several ways to submit a nomination:

Anyone can nominate, from students and new members to Academy Presidents. Self-nomination is encouraged, so if you are interested in a position, nominate yourself.

Nominations may be accepted year round. If the deadline for this year's nominations have closed, the individual’s name will be included in a leadership database. Individuals in the leadership database receive notifications of the Call for Nominations and opportunities to serve.

If you are nominated for a position, you will be contacted via email notifying you of the position(s) for which you were nominated and ascertain your interest in the position(s). The email will contain an individualized link to complete an online biographical form that provides information, including complete biographical sketches, video recordings and curricula vitae or resumes, which assist the Nominating Committee in selecting the most qualified individual for the ballot positions.

Being nominated does not equate to being a candidate on the ballot. Even nominees with impressive credentials who complete the necessary nomination forms and meet the minimal requirements for a position may not become a candidate that year as the numbers of open positions are limited.

The Nominating Committee selects the slate of candidates by reviewing the qualifications, experience, skill sets and campaign statements of each nominee, along with the leadership needs identified by the Nominating Committee and the Academy Board of Directors.

Nominees who meet the qualifications for a position but were not added to the ballot that year are strongly encouraged to re-apply for those positions of interest.  They also are added to a leadership database to receive notifications about future Calls for Nominations and opportunities to serve.

Qualifications and skill sets for each position are available online and a link is included with the Call for Nominations. The Nominating Committee looks at the whole individual—taking into consideration the information provided on the biographical information form and video, as well as performance at the interview (if appropriate). They also assess key personal and interpersonal attributes and demonstrated leadership skills as they relate to the qualifications and skill sets for each position and what is needed on the Board.

Each year, the slate of candidates is posted to, emailed to all Academy members and announced in Eat Right Weekly, on social media and via dietetic practice group and member interest group communications channels.

Voting begins February 1 and closes February 15. Academy members participate through electronic voting.

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