Duality of Interest Disclosure for Speakers and Presenters

Effective Date: October 6, 2004


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will:

  1. Require all persons speaking or making presentations at Academy programs to disclose any dualities of interest that might be perceived as affecting or influencing their presentations.
  2. Ensure that such disclosures are made known to the attendees and audience for such programs.


  1. A "duality of interest" is created any time a person is employed by, is affiliated with, has a financial interest in, or receives compensation or consideration from, an entity or organization that has, or may be perceived to have, a relationship to or interest in the subject matter of the person's speech, presentation, or program.
  2. The audience or attendees at any Academy program have an interest in knowing when the speech, presentation or program they are attending has the potential of being influenced by the speaker or presenter's relationships or affiliations.
  3. No speaker or presenter who fails or refuses to execute a disclosure of dualities of interest in a form provided by or acceptable to the Academy shall be permitted to speak or make a presentation at an Academy program.
  4. Any speaker who knowingly submits a duality of interest disclosure form that omits or fails to include any material duality of interest, or that contains false information, shall be subject to such penalties, including but not limited to exclusion from participation in future Academy events for a reasonable period of time, as the Academy may determine to be appropriate.


  1. The Academy shall, in advance of any program, provide to all speakers and presenters at such event a form that requires the disclosure of all information that might tend to create a duality of interest.
  2. Each speaker or presenter shall be required to complete and submit the form sufficiently in advance of the event to permit the Academy to assimilate the information prior to the event.
  3. Any speaker or presenter who fails to submit the form by the deadline set by the Academy may be precluded from participating in the event.
  4. If the Academy should find that the form submitted by a speaker or presenter fails to disclose any material duality of interest, or contains any false or misleading information, the Academy shall proceed as follows:
    1. If prior to the event, the Academy shall promptly notify the speaker or presenter of the issue and give that person the opportunity to explain. The speaker/presenter's ability to participate in the event as scheduled shall be dependent on both the submission of an explanation of the error or omission that is satisfactory to convince the Academy that the error was innocent or inadvertent, and also the correction of the error sufficiently in advance of the event.
    2. If subsequent to the event, the Academy shall give the speaker or presenter a reasonable period of time to explain the error or omission. As in the process prior to the event, the Academy shall have total discretion and authority to determine whether the error or omission was innocent or inadvertent.
    3. If, in either event, the Academy determines that the error or omission was not innocent or inadvertent, and that the information omitted or misstated was material, the Academy shall have the discretion to bar the offending individual from participating in any Academy symposia or programs for such amount of time as is appropriate.
    4. Any action attributed to the Academy in these procedures may be performed by members of the Academy staff delegated or assigned to that task, except that the decision to impose any kind of sanction must be approved by the CEO of the Academy.
  5. Where the speaker/presenter has submitted the completed disclosure form in a timely matter, but where the form contains the disclosure of one or more material dualities of interest, the Academy shall first confirm that the disclosed duality does not constitute an absolute bar to the speaker/presenter's participation in the program, and then shall take steps to ensure that such information is disclosed to the audience or attendees.
  6. The disclosure of dualities of interest to the audience or attendees, shall, where possible, be included in oral announcements or in the written materials that are distributed or made available to the attendees.