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Guiding Principles of Our Corporate Sponsorship Program

The corporate sponsorship program is structured and equitable with each sponsorship level rights and benefits determined and monitored by the Academy. The Academy has worked with sponsors for many years and closely evaluates all potential sponsorships to ensure that they are consistent with the Academy's science-based position and messages. The Academy adheres to the following principles in its relationships with sponsors:

  1. Adherence and Commitment to the Academy's Vision, Mission, Positions and Policies
    • Academy sponsors' mission and vision align with the Academy's Vision, Mission and Positions.
  2. Scientific Accuracy
    • All sponsor materials, presentations and information shared with members are internally reviewed for scientific accuracy, adherence with the Academy's positions and policies and for audience appropriateness. This review is by the Academy Nutrition Information Services, a team of Academy staff RDNs as well as non-staff member experts on areas of specialization when necessary.
  3. Non-endorsement
    • The Academy does not endorse any company, brand or company products.
  4. Non-influence
    • The Academy's procedures and formal agreements with external organizations are designed to prevent any undue corporate influence.
    • The Academy's programs, leadership, decisions, policies and positions are not influenced by sponsors.


To view the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics financial statements visit the Annual Reports.

Support of the Academy’s Foundation

Support of the Academy's Foundation is included in each sponsorship level. This benefit increases the awareness of the Foundation and its programs and encourages future projects and collaboration that help further the Foundation's mission.

Support of DPGs, MIGs and Affiliates

Dietetic Practice Groups (DPGs), Member Interest Groups (MIGs) and Academy Affiliate Groups have autonomy over their sponsorship programs. Please contact individual DPGs, MIGs or Affiliates for their sponsorship opportunities and guidelines.

Questions or Comments? Contact Corporate Relations

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