Florida Governor Signs Licensure Law

07/06/2020 - After the Academy's victory earlier this year establishing licensure for registered dietitian nutritionists in New Jersey after a 30-year fight, and defending strong consumer protection laws throughout the country, the Academy continues to make steady progress.

Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a long-awaited bill updating Florida's dietetics licensure law to align it more closely to the Academy's Model Practice Act. The bill adopted the Academy's key amendments to current legislation to require a license to provide medical nutrition therapy.

Thanks in large measure to the Academy's efforts, Florida's law changed from having a potentially unconstitutionally broad practice exclusivity clause where one could not advise someone what to buy in the grocery store without a license into a revised statute more narrowly tailoring the mandatory licensure requirement to the treating and managing of diseases and medical conditions.

The Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics did amazing work on the ground and engaging members.

Some have tried to spin this result into a win for their positions, but the fact is that well-funded organizations seeking to eliminate dietetics licensure actually helped catalyze this opportunity to align Florida more closely with the national standards in our Model Practice Act.

Read an update, posted on July 28, 2020.