Find a Nutrition Expert: Terms and Conditions

The Academy reviews and approves Find a Nutrition Expert listings. Participants may list multiple addresses when providing services from separate locations/businesses.

Participant's name and credentials are managed by the Academy database in conjunction with the Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR). Name changes cannot be made via the Academy website. If you are credentialed with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) please login to the CDR website and use the Profile link to Request a Name Change. If you are not credentialed, please contact the Member Service Center for more information. Any changes to participant’s name and / or credentials will automatically update the Find a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist listing within 24 hours after changed in the Academy's database.

While adding a website to your listing is optional, the Academy will not publish any listing containing a website link that does not adhere to the guidelines listed below and reserves the right to prescreen, monitor and/or review all materials posted and suspend access or alter listings as the Academy deems appropriate. In some cases, the Academy will publish a listing to the Find a Nutrition Expert online search after removing a non-compliant website link in order to ensure the listing does not go unpublished, hidden from the public's view, for a prolonged period of time.

Inclusion of a photo in your listing is optional. It is recommended that you use a recent photo where you are the focus, appearing as you usually would in a professional situation so your potential clients can easily recognize you. Avoid group shots with family, friends or pets in a nonprofessional setting such as a beach or night club.

Participants agree to:

  • Provide a complete address including city, state and zip code (required and used for mapping purposes) for in person consultation locations. A Hide Address option is available if the participant does not want the address displayed when search results are returned on the consumer facing search platform. When selecting Hide Address, only phone and/or e-mail will display with the listing when search results are returned.
  • Provide a list of professional references and a list of professional services to potential clients upon request.
  • Practice within the boundaries of the state department(s) of professional regulation as required when providing in person and/or telehealth consultation.
  • Adhere to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Commission on Dietetic Registration Code of Ethics for the Nutrition and Dietetics Profession.
  • Update my listing in timely manner to include any change(s) to all information.
  • Authorize release of my address(es), telephone number(s), e-mail(s), and/or website for participation in the online services at the Academy's option.
  • Listing shall not contain objectionable, profane, abusive, inappropriate or unprofessional content (language, photos, bio, etc).
  • Listing website links must prominently display the services available and should directly reflect or link to the item(s) specified in the "Specialty" portion of the listing.
  • If the website provided is that of the member's employer, the link entered must be to the page displaying the nutrition services provided by the employer, a well-explained secondary link that will take the inquirer to the nutrition services area, OR your name and contact information.
  • Any website that is 'under construction' must state the services provided, contact information and an approximate date when construction will be completed.
  • Listing website shall not contain objectionable, profane, abusive, inappropriate or unprofessional content.
  • Website shall not offer any 'business opportunity'.
  • Home page of the website must include consulting services information and may not solely be related to the sale of product(s) or a product catalog.
  • Website shall not be an advertisement for a restaurant, catering company, grocery, pharmacy or retail business unless that company provides nutrition-consulting services to the public/business community.
  • Website shall not be another association, an institution of higher learning, (including community college), university or distance education provider, unless the institution provides nutrition-consulting services to the public/business community.
  • Website content must be kept current. It is recommended that the content be reviewed/updated at least quarterly.
  • Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or any other social media website links must also adhere to these guidelines.


By adding or editing a listing in the Find a Nutrition Expert online referral service you hereby acknowledge:

I have read the Terms and Conditions as listed above. I understand that I must maintain the professional business practices and conduct outlined above to remain a participant in this Academy service and that the Academy has the right to suspend or terminate my participation in the Find a Nutrition Expert at any time. I understand that my website will not be included in my listing if it does not adhere to the Website Guidelines as listed above. I affirm that the degrees / credentials I have provided to the Academy have been earned and will be maintained by me as required by the issuing parties. In consideration for being included in the Academy’s Find a Nutrition Expert online referral service, I agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Academy, its members and its staff from any expenses they may incur resulting from my participation.