Diabetes Prevention Programs: Return on Investment Worksheets and Calculators

Diabetes prevention programs offer an exciting opportunity for RDNs, NDTRs and other nutrition and dietetics practitioners to not only contribute to preventing diabetes in diverse populations, but also to create return on investment within their organizations.

Under this program, practitioners may wonder how much the payments could be if they had 15, 20 or 30 participants. They may be considering how participants might use additional services, including those provided by themselves or others (RDNs, NDTRs), or if the benefits outweigh the cost.

Whether a practitioner is interested in starting a program on starting one within an organization, the provided worksheets and corresponding calculators can be used to assist the understanding of the key steps and resources needed to get a program up and running, and how to position the program for success, financial viability, and additional return on investment.

Completing these worksheets will give concrete information that can be used to start a program, or to build a strong case to stakeholders about the investment opportunity these programs can present in the long and short term.

For programs that wish to start a new program (i.e., apply for CDC Pending Recognition) and have not yet attained Preliminary or Full CDC recognition, a separate worksheet and calculator can be found here. For programs looking into becoming Medicare Suppliers of the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program, a separate worksheet and calculator can be found here. Both of these resources are also offered as a bundle here.