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Managing Motions During a HOD Meeting


A motion based on a dialogue topic or other professional issue being considered by the House of Delegates will not be accepted during a face-to-face or virtual meeting.  If a motion is presented by a delegate to the HOD Leadership Team for their consideration and approval, it will be addressed following the HOD Meeting electronically.


  1. Delegates may approach the Speaker to request the submission of a motion on a dialogue topic or a professional issue being considered during a HOD meeting.
  2. The Speaker will share the motion with the other members of HLT for input on how to proceed (approve moving the motion forward to HOD for action following the meeting or provide alternative direction for proceeding, i.e. other Academy organizational unit for addressing the issue).
  3. If distribution to the House is determined to be the appropriate action, the motion will be circulated electronically following the HOD Meeting.  No matter what course of action is followed, the Speaker will notify the originators of what action has been taken following the House Session.
  4. If a motion to the House is determined to be the appropriate action, it will be discussed during the HLT debriefing meeting following the House session.  If necessary, the motion will be refined during that discussion.
  5. The normal process for the review, revision, deliberation, and voting phases will be followed.

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