Competence, Case Studies and Practice Tips

Case studies and practice tips are tools for nutrition and dietetics practitioners to use for reference in regards to the scope of practice and quality nutrition and dietetics practice. Case studies provide the necessary guidance, resources and options that can be used to evaluate whether the RDN or NDTR can safely and effectively provide care and services. Practice tips aid nutrition and dietetics practitioners in navigating their practice by providing resources and asking critical, thought-provoking questions.

Case Studies

Case Studies/Measure Domains

Practice Tips


The Academy has assembled a number of resources for practitioners who wish to improve their practice and continue to provide quality care. These tips and resources aid practitioners working in hospitals, ambulatory, post-acute and long-term care, community, private practice, and other settings by asking critical thought-provoking questions pertaining to timely provision of nutrition and dietetics services.

Navigating through the challenges of proper medical record management can be difficult without a sound policy. Successful implementation of a comprehensive medical record retention policy promotes positive clinician-patient interaction and avoidance of potential legal ramifications. This article outlines the 4 major components: creation, utilization, maintenance, and destruction as well as a retention schedule.