Member Interest Groups

Member Interest Groups are groups of Academy members who have a common interest. Unlike dietetic practice groups or affiliates, member interest groups focus on areas other than the practice of dietetics or geographic location. As divisions of the national organization, MIGs reflect the many characteristics of the Academy's membership and the public it serves.

Beginning in June 2018, several MIGs are joining forces to form collaborative MIGs to expand and enhance benefits. The collaborative MIGs will continue to offer niche topics for specific communities while also combining efforts to more effectively support MIG leaders and meet the evolving needs of members. This new structure inspires diversity through opportunities to network with colleagues as well as foster the development and improvement of food, nutrition and health care through education, leadership and professional development.

The new MIG names, listed below, within your 2018-2019 renewal information.

COGA: Cultures of Gender and Age which includes:

  • Thirty and Under in Nutrition and Dietetics (TUND)
  • Fifty Plus in Nutrition and Dietetics (FPIND)
  • National Organization of Men in Nutrition and Dietetics (NOMIN)

RMIG: Religion MIG which includes:

  • Jewish (JMIG)
  • Muslims in Dietetics and Nutrition (MIDAN)

AAPI: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders which includes:

  • Asian Indians in Nutrition and Dietetics (AIND)
  • Filipino Americans in Nutrition and Dietetics (FADAN)
  • Chinese Americans in Dietetics and Nutrition (CADN)
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