Health Promotion

Staying up to date with changes in dietary guidance is imperative for registered dietitian nutritionists and health professionals, in addition to learning how to translate scientific information to consumers. Find out more about the proposed new food labels and the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, including recommendations with the upcoming 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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  • New Nutrition Facts Label

    6/16/2017 - The Food and Drug Administration's new Nutrition Facts Label was finalized in May 2016, and it reflects the most significant changes since its inception in 1993.

  • A Diet Based on the Low Glycemic Index

    2/2/2017 - Interest in the glycemic index (GI) has continued to increase over the years, as have the number of claims regarding its effectiveness. Consumers may follow or seek out a list of low GI foods, yet to date there is no standardized definition of what constitutes a low GI diet.

  • 8 Defining Characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet

    02/10/2016 - Research on the health benefits of a Mediterranean eating pattern date back to the 1950s. The Mediterranean diet is a heart-healthy eating pattern based on the traditional foods and cooking styles of the Mediterranean.

  • The MIND Diet

    01/05/2016 - Over the past few years, dietary patterns have increasingly been investigated to try to better understand the link between diet, cognitive decline and dementia.