What Are the Goals of the Nutrition Research Network?

The Nutrition Research Network (formerly the Dietetics Practice Based Research Network) promotes the importance and value of practice-based research, which is the design and implementation of research projects that draw from the knowledge and understanding of practicing clinicians. The infrastructure of the network provides ongoing support for practice-based research projects as well as dissemination of that research.

The Nutrition Research Network works to answer the questions important to dietetics practice and to promoting nutritional health of all people. The Network advocates for policies, strategies and funding that support practice-based research outcomes and also directly engages in research projects that improve nutrition care. The Network shares research outcomes with dietetics practitioners, other clinicians and the public to promote better health through evidence-based nutrition care.

The Network also advances the practice of dietetics as a profession and enhances the research skills of its members by providing opportunities to participate in research and by linking practicing clinicians with investigators experienced in clinical and health services research. The Nutrition Research Network also collaborates with other practice-based research networks and research funders and other Academy teams and committees, including the Evidence Analysis Library and Nutrition Care Process team. It actively seeks input from state affiliates, dietetic practice groups, the Academy's Washington, D.C., office and other stakeholders to identify gaps in research in the field of dietetics and nutrition care of patients.

The Nutrition Research Network provides technical support and guidance to RDNs conducting research and to projects that contribute to the evidence base for the effectiveness of nutritional interventions and to the development of best practices for care. This evidence base also helps make the case for increased reimbursement for RDNs.