Mentoring Opportunities from the Nutrition Research Network

For those who are interested in research but are not sure how to get more involved, the Academy's award-winning eMentoring program offers a way to make professional connections, gain and share knowledge and even earn continuing professional education credits. Experienced researchers who want to give a boost to the next generation of RDNs involved in research can volunteer as mentors in this program.

For members who have an idea for a research project, Nutrition Research Network provides mentoring to help with certain aspects of the research process. For example, the mentor may serve as a sounding board to help mentees think critically about their research questions, study design options, data collection methods and statistical analysis plan. Based on their experience and knowledge of research, mentors may identify issues of feasibility and logistics, help with problem solving and suggest potential partnerships and resources, such as software recommendations and statistics consultants. Mentors can also help with the publication process by providing writing strategies, suggesting possible journals and conferences and offering tips on submissions and authorship guidelines.

At this time, Nutrition Research Network is not able to serve as the primary mentor for student projects, although mentors contacted through eMentoring are happy to collaborate with students who have an assigned mentor at their university.