How to Submit a Project Idea to DPBRN

Members who have an idea for a research question may submit their ideas to DPBRN. DPBRN offers three different pathways for submitting project ideas. Some individuals want to do the project management themselves while others prefer to be involved in designing the study and work on the data analysis, but leave the management and day-to-day study elements to DPBRN.

  • Members who have a question, but would like someone else to conduct the research should use Pathway 1.
  • Members who have an idea for study and would like to collaborate with DPBRN to conduct the research should use Pathway 2.
  • Members who have a fully developed research proposal, funding and access to an IRB but need DPBRN help with one or two aspects of the project should use Pathway 3.

After DPBRN receives this proposal form, the Oversight Committee will evaluate the plan and determine whether it falls within the network's goals. If your project is approved under Pathway 2, you will work with DPBRN staff and Oversight Committee members to design the details of the study and secure funding. For projects that are already well developed and have an experienced research team that just want network assistance with one component of the project, an expedited review process is available (Pathway 3). Contact for more information.

Pathway 1: Submit a Question

DPBRN recognizes that practitioners know the important and relevant questions to their work but may not have the time or the expertise to take a research project from start to finish. Pathway 1 is designed for members who have research question you would like to see answered, but who don’t have the time, expertise or resources to do it themselves. In these cases, DPBRN might be able to help in the following ways:

  • Crowdsourced prioritization of research questions by allowing other members to vote on those considered most useful to explore
  • Suggesting possible questions to students looking for a research project
  • Designing and executing a study to answer the question
  • Applying for a grant to answer the question
  • Publishing papers based on results relating to the question.

Here are the steps for Pathway 1:

  1. Member anonymously submits question online (see link below)
  2. Questions are deposited in repository for consideration
  3. Members vote on the most valuable questions
  4. Students and network members and staff access the repository and consider possible questions for study.

Submit a question

Please note: Those who want to be more involved in the answering of a question should use Pathway 2.

Pathway 2: In Depth Network Planning Participation

Pathway 2 is geared for members who would like to collaborate with DPBRN on a research project. Interested members should complete this form. A DPBRN staff member will respond within seven to 10 days to discuss further the possibility of collaborating with the network. If collaboration is mutually agreeable after this conversation, members complete another application for consideration by the Oversight Committee using the following timeline/process.

Please note: Projects do not have to be funded to be submitted to DPBRN. However, projects must be funded to be executed. DPBRN can assist with funding applications. However, DPBRN is not a funding source.

Here are the steps for Pathway 2:

  1. Member submits question submitted online using form
  2. Staff discuss question and project with submitting members to determine whether it is relevant/appropriate for network support
  3. Member and DPBRN staff collaboratively develop the project application and research funding opportunities
  4. Oversite and Research Committee provide feedback on the project
  5. Project goes forward to execution when funded
  6. Staff and planning members stay involved in publication per author guidelines. Published journal articles should give credit to DPBRN and include DPBRN members/staff among authors, as appropriate.

Pathway 2 Form for submitting research project ideas

Pathway 2 Project Application

Pathway 3: Rapid Review

If a member has a fully developed research proposal, funding and access to an IRB, but needs DPBRN help with one or two aspects of the project, they should use Pathway 3 to access DPBRN’s Rapid Review process.

Interested members should download the form, complete it (including page 4 with the request for DPBRN services) and submit to The Oversight Committee will use the following criteria when considering projects for Rapid Review:

  • Does the project align with the mission of the network? (The mission of the Dietetics Practice Based Research Network is to conduct, support, promote and advocate research in practice-based settings to address: first, questions of importance to the dietetics profession; and second, to improve the delivery of food and nutrition services to enhance the health status of individuals, families and communities.)
  • Is the project dietetics-specific?
  • Does the project advance the practice of dietetics?
  • Does the project have the potential to improve the nutritional health of people?
  • Is the project ethical? Are the appropriate ethical approvals obtained or will they be obtained?
  • Is the design reasonable to answer the question?
  • Is there appropriate expertise on the research team (including statistical expertise)?

If approved, DPBRN will enter into a contract with the member for specific services at an agreed- upon fee. Any publications or presentations from the work must bear the following acknowledgement. "The (list activities) was/were carried out by the Dietetics Practice Based Research Network (DPBRN) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. DPBRN was not involved in the design, execution (except as specified above) or writeup of this project."

If the project is not approved, the Oversight Committee will provide feedback on which criteria the project did not meet. Members can make changes and resubmit, if desired. Members who have had a proposal repeatedly rejected may wish to consider collaboration with DPBRN via Pathway 2, which offers access to the expertise of the network staff in the design of the study.

Here are the steps for Pathway 3

  1. Member submits protocol submitted via email using proposal form
  2. Oversight Committee and Research Council consider project based on set criteria and or approve or deny approval for DPBRN involvement
  3. If approved, DPBRN will enter into a contract with the member for specific services at an agreed-upon fee
  4. Publications and presentations based on the project or the project results must bear the acknowledgement agreed upon in contract.

Pathway 3 Proposal Form