How to Get Involved with DPBRN

Membership in DPBRN is open to all members of the Academy. DPBRN members have a wide range of experience and expertise in research, from beginners to experts. About 58 percent of DPBRN members have master's degrees and 10 percent have PhDs. The rest hold associate’s or bachelor’s degrees or are students.

Membership in DPBRN is open and free to all Academy members. To join, members can email with "join" and their member number in the subject line.

DPBRN members receive a monthly email about project opportunities and new research resources. DPBRN members also have the opportunity to propose projects to the network and, when approved by the Oversight Committee, collaborate with the staff to design and execute the study. However, membership in the network carries no obligation to participate in any of the projects.

Members can propose projects to the DPBRN Oversight committee. DPBRN does not fund studies, but staff will work with members to obtain funding for projects that are approved by the Oversight Committee.

DPBRN also offers mentoring opportunities to members who are interested in getting involved in practice-based research.

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