Quality Strategies

The Quality Management Committee (QMC) recognized the need of paralleling its efforts with major players in the National Quality arena to educate and empower its membership to be healthcare quality leaders in all delivery and payment models. The below are recommendations for quality strategies:

  • Enhance and expand RDN knowledge base to be a part of the quality team and quality initiatives.
  • Promote RDNs in opportunities to be involved and visible in regulation and quality improvement programs.
  • Create awareness on quality improvement tools, policies, and regulations that drive change in nutrition and dietetics.
  • Develop quality measures related to food, nutrition, and dietetics.
  • Recognize RDNs in terms of job security, return on investment and viability of the organization.

Videos and Additional Resources

Quality Strategies Infographic

The Quality Strategies Infographic highlights the Academy's current Quality Strategies resources and provides key information on learning and implementing quality strategies, initiatives and improvement.

Quality Strategy and Health Equity Guide

The National Quality Strategy and Health Equity Guide showcases major areas of national quality strategy, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Quality Action Plan and Social Determinants of Health tools and resources. The guide also features a plethora of opportunities for RDN and NDTR involvement.

Learning Modules

Quality Strategies Learning Modules are designed to educate practitioners on quality strategy trends. A two-part series provide an overview on the National Quality Strategy and discuss the NQS impact on RDNs and NDTRs. View both modules, complete the Critical Thinking Skills form and successfully pass a short quiz to receive 1 CPEU credit.

Quality Strategies Practice Tips

Practice tips aid in conducting quality improvement project and initiatives. These tips provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide for RDNs and NDTRs to implement quality improvement and change management in practice settings. Each tip reviews quality management tools and showcases real-world case studies in the form of 'Quickinars' or 30-minute recorded virtual huddles. Also access the Quality-Focused Practice Tips Highlights.

Careers in Quality

Careers in Quality highlights RDNs working in quality sectors and the education, skills, and training that may be needed to assume responsibilities and be successful in a career that focuses on Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement.

Quality Strategy Poster Presentations

The efforts of the Quality Strategies taskforce and workgroup have been showcased at the Academy's Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo through a variety of abstracts and poster presentations over the last several years.

Quality Leader Alliance

The Quality Leader Alliance is a cohort of individuals who perform an exceptional level of quality management activities in their practice setting within the nutrition and dietetics profession.