Quality Strategies

The Quality Management Committee (QMC) recognized the need of paralleling its efforts with major players in the National Quality arena to educate and empower its membership to be healthcare quality leaders in all delivery and payment models. The below are recommendations for quality strategies:

  • It is imperative for RDNs to grow, enhance and expand their knowledge base, be a part of the quality team and quality initiatives.
  • RDNs need to be inclusive, opportunistic and visible. RDNs are not aware of the changes in regulation and quality improvement tools.
  • The Academy needs to raise the bar and create awareness on quality improvement tools, policies and regulations that are driving the changes in quality environment in the nutrition and dietetics profession.
  • The Academy needs to develop quality measures in order to recognize that missed opportunities or lack of national quality measures for food, nutrition and dietetics will affect the profession in terms of job security, return on investment and viability of the organization.

Quality Leader Alliance

The Quality Strategies Workgroup under the direction of the Quality Management Committee has launched a new initiative called the Quality Leader Alliance (QLA). The QLA will be comprised of individuals experienced in quality to network and develop resources for the Academy.

Videos and Additional Resources

Quality Strategy Poster Presentations

The efforts of the Quality Strategies taskforce and workgroup have been showcased at the Academy's Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo through a variety of abstracts and poster presentations over the last several years.

Quality Strategies Infographic Brochure

The Quality Strategies Infographic Brochure highlights the Academy's current Quality Strategies resources and provides key information on the National Quality Strategy and opportunities for RDN and NDTR involvement.

Quality Strategies Practice Tips

Practice tips aid in conducting quality improvement project and initiatives. These tips provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide for RDNs and NDTRs to implement quality improvement and change management in practice settings. Each tip reviews quality management tools and showcases real-world case studies in the form of 'Quickinars' or 30-minute recorded virtual huddles. Also access the Quality-Focused Practice Tips Highlights.

Quality Resource Collection

With over a 100 different resources listed, the Quality Resource Collection serves to develop quality management knowledge and skills as a critical component of nutrition and dietetics practice. This collection published by the Academy's Quality Management Committee, includes resources used in practice by Quality Leader Alliance and reflects their areas of expertise.

Learning Modules

The Quality Strategies Workgroup under the direction of the Quality Management Committee developed two learning modules (two parts each) totaling 70 minutes. These are intended to educate practitioners on current quality strategies trends.

Module I will focus on an overview of quality strategies in the healthcare arena.

Module II emphasizes the impact of quality strategies on RDNs/NDTRs.

Earn 1.0 CPEU Credit after viewing all modules and successfully the quiz below

Quality Strategy QIP Examples

The Academy's Quality Strategies Workgroup has shared some examples of quality and process improvement projects. These abstracts support the efforts of encouraging RDNs to conduct quality improvement projects at their organizations.

Quality Improvement 101 Education Package

The Quality Improvement 101 education package is developed by the Quality Management of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The package includes a slide library with talking points, QI 101 recorded presentation and 2 Case Study Examples – for the practitioner and for the student/intern.

Quality Improvement 101

In this recorded presentation, understand the basics of quality improvement, learn simple quality improvement tools and methods, and identify key Academy available resources available for conducting quality improvement in a variety of practice settings.

Practitioner Quality Improvement Case Study – Improving Nutritional Screening in Acute Care Hospitals

This large-scale institutional project focuses on determining if RDNs accurately identified patients needing nutrition intervention in an acute care setting. Multiple barriers encountered are discussed and how to overcome obstacles by using a team approach. The QI tool, FOCUS (Find, Organize, Clarify, Understand, Select) PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), was used in the QI project and is a good example of a tool that applies to a variety of settings.

Student/Intern Quality Improvement Case Study - Improving No-Show & Cancellation Rates at UVA Health System’s Outpatient Nutrition Clinic

At the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville, Virginia, a team worked together to reduce the no-show and cancellation rates at an affiliated outpatient clinic, the Nutrition Counseling Center at Northridge. This webinar will show how various QI methods were used during this project including PDSA, process maps, and a fishbone diagram.