Quality Care Basics

Providing quality, patient-centered nutrition and dietetics care, while also being mindful of compliance, is an integral part of being a practitioner. A part of providing quality services is following safe and effective practices along with administering efficient and equitable care to your patients. Quality nutrition and dietetics practice is built on a solid foundation of education and credential assessment processes to assure the competence of the RD or RDN and NDTR.

Here, you will find basic tips for providing this specialized care to your patients.

More on This Topic

  • CMS, TJC and HFAP Updates

    CMS, TJC and HFAP streamlined regulations and interpretive guidelines and standards and elements of performance.

  • Quality Leader Alliance

    The Quality Leader Alliance is a cohort of individuals who perform an exceptional level of quality management activities in their practice setting within the nutrition and dietetics profession.

  • Quality Care Resources

    The Academy has assembled a number of resources for practitioners who wish to improve their practice and continue to provide quality care. These tips aid practitioners working in hospitals by asking critical thought-provoking questions pertaining to timely provision of nutrition and dietetics services.

  • Quality Strategies

    Quality strategies offer multiple resources to increase practitioner awareness about quality initiatives at the national and professional levels.

  • Accreditation Organizations

    Accreditation organizations are independent not-for-profit organizations that accredit, certify, manage and promote providing effective continuous improvements of quality and safety in health care organizations and national public health organizations. Well-known accreditation organizations include: the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program of the AOA, the Joint Commission;and the Public Health Accreditation Board.

  • The Joint Commission's Resources

    The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits, certifies and manages health care organizations in the United States. Like other accreditation organizations, the Joint Commission also promotes effective, continuous improvements of quality and safety within health care organizations and national public health organizations.