Hosting a Nutrition Focused Physical Exam Hands-on Training Workshop

Why be a facility host site for the NFPE Workshop?

By hosting an NFPE workshop, facilities are able to provide registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform NFPE at their workplace to aid in accurately identifying and providing individuals with the nutrition diagnosis of malnutrition and in turn improve overall health outcomes.

The NFPE Training Workshops provide the RDN participant with various materials to utilize when performing NFPE, as well as peer champion guidelines to bring NFPE training back to the RDN participant's facility to train their fellow RDNs. In addition, Academy trainers provide ongoing support to the RDN workshop participants through a scheduled, non-mandatory monthly phone call and an electronic communication forum.

During the NFPE Training Workshop, the trainer to participant ratio is 1:6 to allow for individual instruction during the hands-on breakout sessions and the patient rounds portion of the NFPE workshop.

The Academy is scheduling facility host sites for the NFPE Hands-on Training Workshop. If your facility is interested in being a host site, please review the host facility requirements and benefits in the NFPE Training Host Site Information and Application. NFPE Training Workshops are scheduled at least three months in advance.

Host Facility Benefits

  • RDN participants do not have to travel to another facility and able to participate in patient rounds with their patient population
  • No facility fee to host the workshop (registration fees for RDN participants)
  • See Host Site Workshop Options for more details

Host Site Workshop Options

Open Workshop:
Workshop will be posted on the Academy website with registration available for all dietitians.

Closed Workshop:
Workshop will be posted on the Academy website as closed to facility RDNs as the host site agrees to fulfill registration with dietitians of its choosing (dietitians from hospital staff, health system. etc.).

Closed Workshop Pricing:
To ensure our 1:6 trainer-to-dietitian ratio, host facilities will be charged in tiers of 12, 18, and 24 (maximum) participants.

  • Up to 12 dietitians: $5,700
  • 13-18 dietitians: $8,550
  • 19-24 dietitians: $11,400

Additional fees maybe incurred depending on location. Fees will be agreed upon between the Academy and Hosting Facility prior to the written agreement.

Host Site Information and Application

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