Certificate of Training Programs

Online Learning

The Academy's Certificate of Training program provides in-depth instruction on broad areas of interest in the realm of nutrition and dietetics, with the goal of expanding knowledge, skills and/or competencies. Each Certificate of Training program consists of individual modules that are deep dives on specific aspects of a topic area; taken collectively, they provide the most comprehensive overview of the topic. Learners must complete all modules to receive the final Certificate.

The Certificate of Training program adds value by satisfying 8-10 hours of continuing professional education credit for your CDR portfolio. While this program does not represent an official certification, completion language for these level 1 and 2 programs may be noted on your resume to demonstrate your training in this area.

Questions? Contact the Center for Lifelong Learning at cpd@eatright.org.

To submit evaluations or feedback regarding any activities provided by the Academy's Center for Lifelong Learning, please contact QualityCPE@eatright.org.