Interprofessional Education in Nutrition as an Essential Component of Medical Education

Volume 117, Issue 7, Pages 1104-113 (July 2017)


It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists should play a significant role in educating medical students, residents, fellows, and physicians in practice. The more physicians learn about the effectiveness of nutrition for the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases, the more likely they are to consult with RDNs and refer patients for medical nutrition therapy. The more inter-professional education that occurs between medical students, other health professional students, and RDNs, the more likely all health care professionals will understand and value the role of the RDN in improving the quality of care provided to patients. The training and experience of the RDN nutrition professional makes them uniquely qualified for the role of educating medical students about nutrition as it relates to health and disease.