Ethics Reading List

The following articles have been published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to educate members on ethical practice related to the Code of Ethics for the Profession of Dietetics.

Ethical Considerations for Successfully Navigating the Research Process - Lauri Byerley, Helen Lane, Mary-Jon Ludy, Mara Z. Vitolins, Ellen Anderson, Kathleen Niedert, Karin Pennington, Jimin Yang, Jenica K. Abram (August 2017)

The Balance of Professional Ethics – Brian Boyce (July 2017)

An Ethical Perspective on Palliative Care – Brian Boyce (June 2017)

Clearing Up Copyright Confusion and Social Media Use: What Nutrition and Dietetics Practitioners Need to Know - Tony Peregrin (April 2017)

Clinical Ethics and Nutrition Support Practice: Implications for Practice Change and Curriculum Development - Denise Baird Schwartz, Nader Armanios, Cheryl Monturo, Eric H. Frankel, John R. Wesley, Mayur Patel, Babak Goldman, Gustavo Kliger, Emily Schwartz (November 2016)

Implementing the Care Plan for Patients Diagnosed with Malnutrition—Why Do We Wait? – Emily Russo, Renuka Gupta and Louise Merriman (May 2016)

Criminal Background Checks for Employment - Norma W. Zeitler and Laura Luisi (April 2016)

Ethical Considerations in Management Practice - Kevin Sauer (January 2016)

Conducting Ethical Research Involving Human Subjects: A Primer - Jamie Stang (December 2015)

Ethical Considerations When Students Experience an Active Eating Disorder during Their Dietetics Training - Cheryl A. Houston, Eunice Bassler and Alison St. Germain (October 2015)

Professional Boundary Issues in Practice – Mindy Beth Nelkin (June 2015)

Ethical Decisions for Withholding/Withdrawing Medically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration - Denise Baird Schwartz (March 2015)

Approaches to Ethical Decision-Making – Alice Fornari (January 2015)

Ethical Selection of Enteral and Infant Formula: Demonstrating Evidence-Based Practice and a Responsible Vendor Relationship – William S. Swan and Ines M. Achondo (March 2014)

Avoiding Ethical and Legal Issues in Practice Settings – Dianne K. Polly (December 2013)

Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Blogging and Social Media – Janet Helm (May 2013)

Ethical Issues for Students – Nadine Braunstein (August 2012)

Competency for Retired Credentialed Practitioners – Linda Dahl and Suzanna Nye (June 2012)

Elements of Ethical Billing for Nutrition Professionals – Mary Ann Hodorowicz and Jane V. White (March 2012)

Communication and Education for Families Dealing with End-of-Life Decisions – Charlette R. Gallagher-Allred (February 2012)