Case Studies

Ethics Case Studies: Impact of Social Media on the RDN and NDTR
Nine case studies were developed by the Academy/CDR Ethics Committee as a result of a FNCE® session done on this topic in 2012. The purpose of these case studies is to create a discussion about the impact of social media on the work of the RDN, NDTR and other food and nutrition practitioners. These case studies can be used by educators with students and interns or by clinical nutrition managers with their staff members or by a district president with local members. In addition to nine case studies, a handout is provided as a supplement to the discussion. The handout presents each case study and a set of discussion questions.

Case Studies to Assist in Applying the 2009 Code of Ethics
In order to assist practitioners and students to understand the application of the 2009 Code of Ethics, the Ethics Committee commissioned the development of case studies based on "real life situations" that RDNs and NDTRs face on a daily basis. A total of 21 case studies are provided. Each case study provides an overview of the situation, questions for discussion and key points to consider. These case studies should be used after reviewing the 2009 Code and would be useful for group discussions or classroom assignments.

If you have any feedback on the case studies, or have other suggestions for ones to be developed in the future, please send an email to

The ethics resources may be downloaded and used by all nutrition and dietetics practitioners for their personal use only and are not available for resale or any commercial use.