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Gearing up for a job search can seem like daunting work. That is why we've collected some helpful resources to get you started down the right path toward a positive experience. 

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Employer Dues Toolkit

Find ideas for approaching your employer to help pay your Academy dues. Both you and your employer derive a benefit from your Academy membership — this toolkit can help you build a compelling case to your boss for reimbursement of your membership dues.

  • Certified Board Specialist Petition Application

    The Council on Future Practice has revised the petition application for seeking a certified board specialist credentials. This petition can be completed by a member or group of members and submitted for consideration by the Council on Future Practice to determine if a specialist certification is needed for the profession of nutrition and dietetics.

  • Find a Nutrition Expert Referral Service

    Consumers regularly search the Find a Nutrition Expert online referral service to connect with Academy members who provide expertise in food and nutrition consulting. This benefit is free to Active category members representing their own private practice, group practice or employer.

  • Dietetics Career Development Guide

    The Dietetics Career Development Guide uses the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition to illustrate how a practitioner, regardless of focus area, can attain increasing levels of knowledge and skill throughout a career. Through life-long learning and professional development, practitioners acquire and develop skills that lead to increased competencies and levels of practice.

  • Resume Templates

    Today's wellness-oriented environment is primed for food and nutrition professionals to assume a leadership and valued role in all areas of practice. The first step in any job search is to develop a quality resume that outlines your experience.

  • Academy Member Compensation Report

    Recognition, value and demand for services are the keys to increased salaries and income potential. The Academy can and does work to increase income opportunities for its members by assisting them to shape the environment in which they work.