Academy Defends Patient Safety

10/10/2017 - The Academy is committed to defending against attacks on state laws that protect the public by ensuring that health care practitioners are qualified, competent and effective. In the field of nutrition and dietetics, the education and training of registered dietitian nutritionists are unparalleled. With this expertise, RDNs are uniquely equipped to help solve the chronic disease crisis by researching, designing, implementing and providing nutrition education and nutrition care services to those in need. RDNs are able to transform lives through food and nutrition working in interdisciplinary medical teams, managing school food service programs and leading teams of health coaches and other laypeople in evidence-based programs — collaborations that support safe and effective care. The Academy’s Board of Directors recently underscored the Academy’s stance that when it comes to public health and patient safety, the RDN credential represents the minimum qualifications necessary for providers of medical nutrition therapy and other nutrition care services. The Academy will continue to fight against unqualified individuals and entities who seek to weaken licensure laws and put the public at risk for their own ideological interests or financial gains.