Academy Applauds NJAND's Efforts in Combating Newark Water Crisis

09/11/2019 - Earlier this week, the New Jersey Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics announced its launch of a "virtual water drive" to benefit Newark residents. This initiative was created in response to the elevated levels of lead that have been found in the water supply of Newark, N.J., which has 273,000 residents. All donations will be used for the purchase of water. Donations may be made here.

In addition to launching the virtual water drive, NJAND shared information on free lead screenings available to Newark residents as well as locations where bottled water is being distributed.

As the government addresses lead contamination in the Newark water supply, the New Jersey affiliate would like to help residents reduce the impact of lead exposure. Nutrition can impact lead absorption; while food/nutrition cannot remove lead from the body, it can help prevent further exposure. Three key nutrients – calcium, iron and vitamin C – can prevent lead from being absorbed in the body. In addition, having food in your stomach can help reduce lead absorption, so eating smaller meals and including snacks may be helpful.

The Academy commends the New Jersey affiliate for their efforts on this important issue in Newark and will continue to raise national awareness of the issue.