Health Hearings in the House of Representatives

06/16/2017 - Several committees in the House of Representatives held health hearings this month.

House Committee on Agriculture: The committee held a hearing on the future of international food aid and agriculture development.

Also discussed was the importance of food aid programs in national security, creating sustainable agriculture in developing countries, promoting a healthy economy, employing Americans, educating and empowering women and children, and ultimately saving the lives of millions of people.

House Agriculture Committee's Nutrition Subcommittee: The subcommittee discussed "SNAP Technology and Modernization," with ranking member Jim McGovern (Mass.) focusing on glitches in the Electronic Benefit Transfer system and associated stigma that can lead participants to abandon their food carts.

The hearing included proposed solutions to enhance the EBT, including privatizing technologies to increase efficiency at a reduced cost and the use of mobile apps to allow self-service check-ins, banking and scanning.

House Committee on Ways and Means' Subcommittee on Health: the subcommittee held a hearing on making Medicare more efficient for taxpayers and patients.