Farm Bill Being Reconsidered

05/25/2018 - The House has until June 22 to reconsider the farm bill, which failed to pass a vote on the House floor on May 18, after a motion was filed to reconsider the measure.

The farm bill, H.R. 2, has had many amendments attached, including an amendment that would reopen the nutrition standards for meals, foods and beverages sold in schools. The Academy has publicly opposed the inclusion of this amendment in the bill.

Additionally, the amendment process has intensified the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program work requirement provisions, including an amendment that would make it more difficult for states to get federal waivers for high-unemployment areas from the new work requirements.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that this would result in an additional 600,000 people losing SNAP compared with the original bill.

The Senate version of the farm bill is expected in early June. The current farm bill expires on September 30.

Read more information on the farm bill from the Academy.