Academy's eCQMs Receive Broad Support

06/28/2017 - A number of organizations supported the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service's recognition of the impact of malnutrition on older adults' heath and outcomes, as well as its consideration of the clinically-relevant malnutrition electronic clinical quality measures.

The Academy is the measure steward of the eCQMs and is one of the organizations supporting the CMS. The Joint Commission, the National Hispanic Council on Aging and the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists also offered their support.

CMS's recommended multi-step nutrition care process facilitates the identification, diagnosis and treatment of patients who are found to be malnourished or are at-risk of malnutrition. This recommended approach to nutrition care is supported by multiple guidelines and international consensus.

The Academy's comments showed the eCQMs support improved patient outcomes, increase care coordination and ultimately decrease costs to the healthcare system. Additionally, Academy members provided input from frontline providers on the impact of malnutrition on patients and the health care system.

Visit the Academy's eCQM page to learn more about the measures.