Become a Voice for the Profession at the Public Policy Workshop

03/15/2017 - Come to Washington D.C. June 25-26 and meet others in the dietetics profession from across the country who are passionate about our field — attend the Academy’s Public Policy Workshop (PPW)! PPW happens once a year and registration is now open.

Each year, PPW focuses on several pieces of federal legislation related to the Academy’s priority areas of disease prevention and treatment, lifecycle nutrition, healthy food systems and access, and quality healthcare. Webinars, in-person discussions, and issue briefs will prepare you for in-person meetings with your representatives.

Does meeting with your representative sound intimidating? You are not alone! Many people are nervous to call or email a legislator, so meeting face-to-face in their D.C. office can seem especially daunting. At PPW, meetings with legislators are typically scheduled with more than one member. If you are not ready to talk at these meetings, a more experienced member can take the lead. Rest assured, representatives really do want to know their constituents’ opinions, even if those opinions differ from their own. As you get more comfortable you can jump in with your own stories!

We are the nutrition experts! We need to share our knowledge with those who can really effect health and nutrition related policy in our country. If we don’t, someone else will, and their priorities may not match our own.

Learn more and register for the workshop by visiting the PPW 2017 page. Or visit the Academy's advocacy section to find additional information about the Academy’s public policy efforts.