Hurricane Florence: Disaster Resources for Academy Members

09/12/2018 - The Academy encourages all members — and your friends and families — to exercise caution and stay safe as Hurricane Florence heads toward the East Coast. Thanks to emergency responders, volunteers and all those who are working to assist residents in the path of the hurricane.

For more information, please see the updated article "Food Safety in the Home After a Hurricane and Flooding."

Also, see the Food & Nutrition Magazine blog posting "How to Safely Feed Your Family During a Severe Storm."

Support for breastfeeding is critical during a disaster or emergency. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a helpful resource.

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The Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund application is now available. The fund provides up to $2,500 through the Life Rebuilding fund for personal rebuilding efforts and up to $500 through the CDR Professional Rebuilding fund for professional and continuing education activities. Applications must be received within three months of the disaster to qualify for assistance.

For additional disaster relief information, visit: